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Difference between regional and international accreditation
Global recognition and international accreditation provides infinite opportunities to MUST's students

Difference between regional and international accreditation
In the present education system (both online and offline), accreditation is a pre requisite for the recognition and acceptability of the degree, diploma or certification. The level of autonomy that each region or country provides to institutions for accreditation varies across the globe. However, there are international, regional and national accreditation agencies which accredit high schools for their authenticity and credibility. The accreditation agencies rate institutions and colleges on criteria such as academic quality-the quality of their libraries, the publishing records of their faculty, and the degrees which their faculty holds. Non-accredited institutions are perceived as lacking in quality and rigor.

A basic division among the accreditation authorities exists on the basis of
  1. Regional Accreditation
  2. International Accreditation
Regional accreditation refers to the process by which one of several accrediting bodies, each serving one of six defined geographic areas of the country, accredits colleges, universities, and schools. Each region accredits or encompasses the existing public and nonprofit private educational institutions (both offline and online) in the region it serves, but, regional bodies only accredit schools and universities and do not accredit individual programs/certifications within a school.

International Accreditation refers to the process by which an accreditation body can accredit universities and schools (both offline and online) irrespective of the region it exists in. International Accreditation has no territorial restrictions; it is valid within United States as well as outside. International Accreditation accredits individual program/certifications as well as schools and universities.

International accreditation provides several advantages to the high school as well as their potential student base.

Global Jurisdiction
In case the institution is internationally accredited, the jurisdiction of its degrees and certificates is global and after completing associate, bachelors or masters degrees the jurisdiction of the validity of the degrees is global, whereas in case of regionally accredited institutions, their jurisdiction of validity is the region or the country where the accrediting body/authority belongs to.

Global Recognition
The global acceptability and recognition of Internationally accredited degrees broaden the horizons of outreach for applicants and they are eligible for jobs and employments anywhere in the world, whereas, regional accreditation restricts the validity of degrees to the regions or country they are operating in creating bindings for the applicants to look for employment within those countries or specific regions. In case the applicant has to move to another region or country (which is very common), he/she do/does not require any other certification for the degree to be deemed valid. In short, internationally accredited degrees are more marketable.

In case of regional accreditation regional standards and best practices are followed to ensure quality and standard whereas if the degree is internationally accredited global best practices apply in determination of quality and standard which are much more stringent and diverse.

However, both regional and international accreditation creates a gateway for student to participate in federally funded and state sponsored financial aid programs.

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