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MUST Policies & Procedures Handbook
MUST has incorporated a comprehensive handbook documenting all its policies. The handbook can be viewed online in sections and can also be downloaded as a complete document.

MUST Policies & Procedures Handbook
The MUST Policies and Procedures Handbook is accessible to students once they enroll in the MUST High School diploma program through their Student Area. It fully details the information, policy and the procedures relevant to MUST students. These policies and procedures are applicable to all students throughout their association with MUST and later as alumni.

The Handbook has been divided into sections which help students find the relevant policy and their preferred sections without having to go through the entire document. The online version of the Handbook has a search function which allows viewers to easily find their required information.

The Handbook provides the complete framework of policies governing the student association, administration and code of conduct at MUST High School.

The Policies & Procedures Handbook is divided into 4 main sections. The first section details the MUST High School information including the profile, details and policies regarding the online high school diploma program. The second section documents all policies relating to prospective students on admissions, transfer of credits, prior learning assessment, post enrollment procedure and withdrawal procedure. The third section covers all policies relating to current students on academics, evaluation, student finance and general academic policies. The final section deals with alumni affairs regarding student record policies and alumni services.

The Policies & Procedures Handbook is a comprehensive document of all the policies and students are advised to go through it to strengthen their association with MUST.

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MUST Announces Graduation Packages!
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