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MUST High School Accreditation

High school diploma program offered by MUST High School is accredited by International Accreditation Organization (IAO).

International Accreditation OrganizationThe IAO has awarded MUST High School Accreditation Status after in-depth evaluation through its unique patented accreditation process. MUST High School has been evaluated on the IAO standards of the global best practices for working adults’ educational institutions in Organizational Management, Academic Management and Institutional Performance and has secured the Points Profile© - Registration Number Q20893. MUST High School is fully capable of upholding the responsibility of quality education delivery through this educational system.

Visit the official website of IAO.

Points Profile

What is the Points Profile?

Each accredited institution is fully assessed on the IAO’s unique patented profiling system, which classes the applicant institution against the IAO’s benchmark standards in global working adults’ education best practices. The IAO has 18 organizational management metrics, 6 academic management metrics and 3 institutional performance metrics. On the basis of this assessment the IAO will award applicant institutions with accreditation and provide it with a unique Points Profile© that scores all quantitative measures of the intuition fit towards best practices in working adult education. Furthermore, there are many measures that are subjective and cannot be a part of the quantitatively scored institution’s points profile©: These qualitative subjective measures are gauged against the IAO’s accreditation type classification. There are three types of classifications: Peach – indicates the institution meets all subjective criteria and expressly addresses working adults’ needs in this area; Aqua – indicates the institution meets all subjective criteria and is inclusive of working adults’ needs in this area and; Gray – indicates the institution meets all subjective criteria and is inclusive of all general student needs in this area. Together the accreditation type and points profile© form the cumulative accreditation of the institution.

About IAO
The International Accreditation Organization (IAO) is an independent and internationally recognized accrediting body that accredits international high schools. IAO follows a very strict evaluation process before it gives accreditation to any high school. Read more..

It is MUST High School ’s promise to impart high-quality education to students across the globe. The accreditation provided by the globally renowned IAO bears testimony to our uncompromised education standards.

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